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‘Nation’s Christmas Tree’ Erected In Front Of Parliament Marks Onset Of Festive Period

Ferenc Sullivan 2014.12.08.

Following the tradition of erecting the nation’s Christmas tree in front of the building of Parliament, a pine tree 19 metres high and 2 tonnes in weight was today mounted on Kossuth tér, central Budapest.

The tree, which can be seen on Kossuth tér between 8 December and 6 January, arrived on Monday from the Gödöllő area to the northeast of the capital, organisers informed the state news agency MTI. The pine tree was erected by staff from the Budapest Disaster Protection Directorate in cooperation with experts of the Office of the National Assembly. Planners bore in mind the placement of the tree when recently redeveloping Kossuth tér and provided for the instalment of a permanent mounting sunk into the ground on the southeastern side of the square. This, together with the installed buckles for the fastening of safety straps, will hold the enormous tree in place even in strong wind.

A twelve-man crew of alpinists and decorating staff will begin placing ornaments on the tree on Tuesday. Two automatic devices fitted with platforms will be used to carry out the decorating work, which is expected to finish by dusk.

Ornaments in the colours of old gold, burgundy and white will be placed on the tree, supplemented by a total of 300 metres in fire-proof LED Christmas lighting beads. A nativity scene and an Advent wreath, the candles of which are also fire-proof, will also be put on display.

Adhering to traditions, several private individuals and forestry holdings made offers to provide the nation’s Christmas tree. This year, the tree to be erected was chosen jointly by the Office of the National Assembly and the Ministry of Defence’s event-planning bureau; considerations included aesthetic and security factors, vicinity to the capital and conditions of transportation and felling. This year’s tree was provided by Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.

via mandiner.hu
photo: metropol.hu