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National Theatre To Host International Theatre Meeting In April

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.02.25.

The Hungarian National Theatre is organising the Madách International Theatre Meeting (MITEM) for the second time this year. The event, which is to take place between 14 and 28 April, will see the participation of Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Denmark, Macedonia, Austria, Poland and, of course, Hungary.
The colourful programme will include 20 performances by theatre groups from 13 countries, including productions by Matthias Langhoff, Toni Servillo, Luk Perceval, Emma Dante, Eugenio Barba and Viktor Rizhakov.
At a press conference held on Wednesday in Budapest, State Secetary responsible for culture at the Ministry of Human Resources said that the governent has already decided to appropriate HUF 200 million each for the organisation of the international meeting per annum during the upcoming three years.
Attila Vidnyánszky, director of the Hungarian National Theatre, said that although the meeting is an important venue for the profession, it also reaches beyond it – MITEM will welcome both the Moscow National Theatre and a Vlad Troitsky performance from Kiev.
At a meeting of the Budapest Municipal Assembly today, the body decided that current leaders of five theatres under municipal management will continue to head their institutions. The decision means that Enikő Eszenyi will continue as director of the Comedy Theatre of Budapest, János Meczner as the head of the Puppet Theatre, János Novák as the head of the Kolibri Theatre, Pál Mácsai as the director of the Örkény Theatre and Teodóra Bán as director of the Szabad Tér Theatre.
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