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National Security Committee Head Denies Increasing Terror Threat In Hungary

By Tamás Székely // 2015.11.26.

Suspects apprehended by counter-terrorism force TEK last weekend have no affiliation with Islamic extremist groups, Zsolt Molnár, head of parliament’s national security committee, said. Speaking after a national security committee meeting held behind closed doors, Molnár said TEK chief János Hajdu gave committee members a detailed account of the operation. Noting that details about the operation were confidential, Molnár confirmed that the suspects were not part of a cell of Islamic State militants.

TEK said on Tuesday that the suspects were found to be in possession of automatic weapons, explosives and ammunition. The gang members were extremists “with troubling ideologies,” Molnár said. Although the people apprehended by TEK have no affiliation with Islamic extremists, committee members said the operation was a serious one. However, the Paris attacks have not led to an increased threat of terrorism either in Budapest or in Hungary in general, the Socialist head of the committee insisted.

Committee members were briefed on Hungary and Europe’s security situation by interior ministry staff and representatives of the secret services. Szilárd Németh, the committee’s vice chairman for the ruling Fidesz party, said the briefing had made it clear that illegal migration and terrorism “go hand in hand”. He said it was not just the current wave of migrants but earlier waves as well that are responsible for terrorism, arguing that there were second and third-generation immigrants among the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks.

The lawmakers said that besides the Paris attacks, they also discussed the implications of Tuesday’s downing a Russian fighter jet by Turkey. On the downing of the Russian warplane, Bernadett Szél of the green opposition LM party said Hungary should assist in clearing up the incident arguing that chaos only favours the terrorists. On the topic of the Paris attacks, she said it was proof of the emergence of “a new form of terrorism” and that stopping it will require that intelligence agencies cooperate more efficiently.

via and MTI photo: Imre Földi – MTI