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National Security Committee Convene on Russian Allegations

By admin // 2014.08.22.

The National Security Committee convened to discuss the Russian allegations of supplying weapons to Ukraine. According to a senor committee official, the Thursday meeting concluded that the allegations turned out to be false, as it was verified at a joint session of two parliamentary committees.

The allegations was published by website and the Russian foreign ministry, claiming that Hungary has alleged supplied  armored vehicles – including T-72 – to Ukraine. The Hungarian  government already denied supplying weapons to Ukraine earlier this week. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in response to these allegations published a statement, denying the fact of military supplies and debunking the article of, labeling it a simple hoax.

After the hearing, Szilárd Németh, the deputy head of the national security committee, representing the ruling Fidesz party, assessed the situation.  “The whole T-72 tanks issue nothing but a by-product of the heated election campaign surrounding the upcoming local elections in October,” he said. Németh insisted that it could be verified on basis of registry numbers that Hungarian armoured vehicles had not been exported.

via HungaryMatters, photo