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National Hauszmann Plan to Revamp Castle District Buildings, Public Spaces

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.19.

The government’s National Hauszmann Plan, a ten-year scheme to revamp Budapest’s Castle District, will see the reconstruction of the public spaces and the buildings which fell in disrepair due to lack of funds and attention, the commissioner for government investment in the Castle District said on Tuesday.

Although the Castle District attracts most tourists in Hungary — nearly four million a year — visitors only stay for 47 minutes on average, “basically using the district as a vantage point”, Gergely Fodor said.

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The scheme aims to reconstruct buildings demolished after the second world war to provide space for restaurants, offices and event venues, he said. The building of the erstwhile Foreign Ministry on central Dísz Square and the area around St. György Square in the west of the district are in particularly dire need of rehabilitation, he said.

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Parts of the National Hauszmann Plan projects already under way, such as the riding hall on the northern side of the castle and the Guards’ Building, will be finished by this summer, he said. The reconstructed St Stephen’s Hall in the Castle Building will open for visitors on August 20, 2021, he said.

The government has allocated 36 billion forints (EUR 113.1m) for the plan.