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National Consultation: Hungarians Want More State Support for Families

Fanni Kaszás 2019.01.28.

The seventh national consultation on family protection and support is now complete, with a reported number of 1,382,294 people having filled it out. A document detailing the consultation’s outcome has also surfaced in the media.  

The consultation assessed people’s views on issues of family and family support. In our previous article, we published the questions from the questionnaire:

Hungarian Government Launches New National Consultation on Family Subsidies

The report detailing the outcome of the consultation shows that 1,382,294 Hungarian citizens completed and submitted the consultation by the 21 December deadline.

99,3 percent of respondents answered yes to the question of whether the Hungarian state should protect the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of children, making it the most supported question in the survey. In light of the outcome, Orbán asked the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás to draw up a “concept that integrates the challenges of modern child protection and the possible governmental responses for them.”

The report also states that most of the returned surveys support the government’s position that “Hungarians believe that demographic difficulties should be solved by family policy rather than immigration.” With 99,2 percent, this became the second most supported question of the consultation.

Surprisingly, the least supported questions both concern motherhood: “Do you agree that mothers with at least three children should be given special support?” and “Do you support that the institution of full-time motherhood should be recognized by the government?’” received ‘only’ 93,4 and 93,7 percent support, while 89,595 and 85,678 people rejected it respectively.

All the issues the consultation raised gained more than 90 percent support—and in most of the cases, it even reached 95-98 percent in favor of the government’s position—which has resulted in some critics questioning the credibility of the consultation.

The measures the government decides to introduce in light of the results of the national consultation still remain unknown.

via magyaridok.hu, index.hu

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