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Nation-Rebuilding: 700 Thousand Beyond-Border Hungarians Applied For Citizenship

By Tamás Székely // 2015.02.25.

More than 700 thousand Hungarians living in neighbouring countries have submitted applications for a simplified naturalization procedure so far and 670 thousand have taken the citizenship oath, said state secretary for nation policy Árpád János Potápi at the National Assembly’s National Solidarity Committee meeting on Wednesday. He added that 66 per-cent of those receiving new citizenship are from Transylvania (Romania), 17 per-cent from Vojvodina (Serbia) and 14 per-cent from Transcarpathia (Ukraine).

At the meeting held at Magyarság Háza (House of Hungarians), Potápi mentioned that since its re-launch, the Hungarian Permanent Conference has been held five times and it unanimously approved the final resolution. The Hungarian Diaspora Council, which has held its fourth meeting, is working in close cooperation with the Hungarian Permanent Conference. He also mentioned the success of the ‘Kőrösi Csoma Sándor programme’, which enabled last year nearly 100 scholarship winners to travel to 24 countries of 5 continents from approximately HUF 1 billion fund.

Pótápi said that a new initiative, the so-called ‘Petőfi programme’ would be launched this year,  aimed at supporting the Hungarian diaspora of the Carpathian Basin. It follows the structure of the ‘Kőrösi programme’, but its target area will be the territories of the one-time Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Both programmes aim to strengthen Hungarian identity and national solidarity, improving Hungarian language proficiency of the diaspora communities, and encouraging activities within Hungarian communities and maintaining communication with Hungary, the state secretary said.

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