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Does Narnia Exist? Yes, And You Can Find It In Hungary At Bory’s Fairy Castle

Robert Velkey 2016.08.19.

To tell the truth, this charming building is not a real castle. It is much more something like a masterpiece of a sculpture. For the first look it may look a little bit eclectic but if we get lost in it we will love the its surprises in every corner.


The Bory-vár, (Bory-castle) was built in the 20th century. The dreamer and constructor of the mighty complex, Jenő Bory was an architect and sculpture. He was also a professor at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

According to a legend he did not even used plans through the construction. He made it by his own hands and this was his “crazy” artistic avocation. Once he said: “It never will be completed”.


The castle got in the public knowledge when it opened the doors for the wondering visitors in 1934. At this times the owner constructor guided the guests around the fairy castle. The building is 30 meters high (from the base to the top of the tower) and contains 30 rooms. You can find a gallery of statues with the sculpture of historical great Hungarian leaders and artists such as Álmos or Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén.


Nowadays, the mighty castle is a museum. The place to step out the gray world of the everydays and get lost in the fairy imaginary and wonderland of the Bory’s instead.

If you would like to get lost in the fairy castle don’t hesitate to visit the Bory-castle.

via: origo.hu

photos: origo.hu

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