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My Fair Lady on Margaret Island

admin 2014.07.10.

The Vörösmarty Theater of Székesfehérvár will perform on the Open Air Stage of the Margaret Island, bringing their spectacular production of My Fair Lady. The classic musical is one of the best known theater pieces of the world, and this time the role of Eliza Doolittle will be played by Csilla Radnay, while István Hirtling will perform as Prof. Henry Higgins.

The story of flower seller girl and phonetics professor have been remade countless times, however, audiences worldwide do not seem to grow tired of this all time classic. Csilla Radnay in an interview said that “My Fair Lady can be divided into two main elements, one is about how the young girl and the rigid professor transform each other’s life, while the other is the love story part”.

The original play of George Bernard Shaw has been made into a movie in 1964 with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, turning out to be a great success. Radnay confessed, “I saw the film, and I started it this time too, when preparing for the play, although we usually don’t do this, it confused things in an actor’s mind. I quickly turned it off, so it wouldn’t happen to me.”