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MVM To Cooperate With EPRI As Hungary's Biggest Solar Plant Under Construction

Tamás Székely 2015.02.23.

Hungary’s state-owned energy group MVM has signed an agreement on cooperation in research and development with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) of the US in order to improve security and efficiency in Hungary’s Paks nuclear plant. EPRI has a 170 million US dollar budget for nuclear-related research this year. Main areas of research include treatments in aging process, substance analysis, enhancing reliability of fuel and instalments, leading nuclear technologies and treatment of nuclear waste.

EPRI’s results will be shared with MVM, and the US institute can join research programmes to help Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant to meet current challenges, the announcement said.The Paks (C Hungary) plant has been constructed by the Soviet Union, and last year Hungary signed an agreement with Russia to expand it by 2025. The agreement is an important step in enhancing security and efficiency in the Paks nuclear plant, while Hungarian experts will increase EPRI’s professional potential, the signatories said. EPRI is an independent non-profit organisation which is in contact with 80pc of the world’s nuclear plants.

Meanwhile, MVM’s peer Mátrai Erőmű power plant announced that it would start the construction of a 6.4 billion forint (EUR 20.8m) solar plant in the spring, Béla Bárdos of Mátrai Erőmű said. The plant will be Hungary’s biggest solar plant with an annual capacity of 15MW. Construction is planned to be completed by October. Half of the funding will come from Mátrai’s own resources which will be supplemented by a development tax preference, he said.

The solar plant will be supplied by a consortium of Hungarian company Wire-Vill, Austria’s IBC Solar and the Romanian company Energobit. Transformers consortium will come from CG Electric Systems Hungary, formerly known as Ganz Villamossági. Mátrai Erőmű has a built-in capacity of 950MW and is the second biggest electricity producer in Hungary with a share of 20% in production and a 15% share in consumption. It employs 2,100 people. Mátrai Erőmű is 50.9% owned by Germany’s RWE, 21.7% by German peer ENBW and MVM holds 25.5% of the shares.

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