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MSZP also supports László Botka to run for the PM’s office – the party stated in the last Friday

By Hungary Today // 2016.12.28.

There were some tensions between László Botka and the board of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) in the summer, but  the party has announced its full support for the politician last Friday.

The leader of the party, Gyula Molnár asked Botka to negotiate the schedules, plans and the election program which would defeat Fidesz in 2018.They wrote: “ the Socialist can prove a new left-wing way which can help our four million people who live in poverty and other five million Hungarians who live from paycheck-to-paycheck, and oppose the hopelessness which made by the Fidesz. “The statement highlights that the MSZP has got a new dynamism by the Botka’s nomination.

There are still some unsatisfied

Nomination of László Botka is against the original plans of the MSZP, because it was caucus race – the Democratic Coalition (DK) announced in its statement. DK’s position still prefers the common left-wing electoral list, but they were prepared for caucus. The party has already created its own nominee selection process proposal. DK also stated they need more time to make the decision about the nominee’s person.