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Mourning Time For Hungarian Dog Lovers – Hungary’s Oldest Dog Passed Away

Robert Velkey 2017.08.29.

Every dog owner can tell you that dogs aren’t with us for nearly long enough. No doubt this was also true of the owner of Buksi, the oldest dog in Hungary, who died this past weekend at age 27. 

27 years is an incredibly long life for a dog, even if it lives in a yard of a riding-hall and guesthouse of Sárrét. According to Hungarian news portal, one of the oldest dogs in history passed away on Saturday night. Buksi’s owner published the sad news on the guesthouse’s Facebook page on Monday.

“Perhaps this summer was to hot for his old heart” Buksi’s owner said.

In order to perform research to examine the causes behind Buksi’s extraordinarily long life, the Ethology Faculty of Budapest’s ELTE University have already draw blood and sent it to American laboratories.