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Fatal Accident – Mercedes’ Owner Reportedly Belongs to Hungarian Mafia

By Robert Velkey // 2017.05.16.

A Mercedes Cabriolet crashed and caused a fatal accident on Monday afternoon at the corner of Kassák Lajos utca and Dózsa György út in Budapest. One of the cars involved in the accident hit people who were waiting in the bus stop nearby.

According to the RTL News Agency, the driver of the Mercedes was driving over the speed limit, and crashed into a car in front of it without breaking. The car that had been rear-ended by the Mercedes was tossed into a bus stop and hit the people there. Supposedly, the Mercedes had been purchased just a half hour before the incident occurred.


According to Hungarian tabloid Bors, the driver of the Mercedes, rather than helping the injured victims, started to clean the blood from his car after the accident. writes that he is a member of the mafia of Kecskemét.


One victim died at the scene of the accident and six injured people were taken to the Hospital.