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Mongolian Ambassador Opens Translators’ Camp


Mongolia appreciates Hungary’s “eastern opening” policy and the role of Lakitelek College in it, said Gandi Tugsjargal, Ambassador of Mongolia to Budapest, Hungary. The ambassador spoke about Hungarian-Mongolian relations, the Mongolian translators’ camp in Lakitelek and about the country eastern opening policy.

The ambassador announced at Lakitelek that earlier today, he officially received the record of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade about reopening Hungary’s embassy in Ulan Bator. Gandi Tugsjargal said, they value and appreciate the decision of the Hungarian government, and will provide every assistance to the operation of the embassy. This is why the Mongolian translators’ Camp in Lakitelek is so important, said the ambassador, adding that Mongolian studies in Hungary are highly professional and valued.

The camp is led by Ágnes Birtalan, head of ELTE University’s Mongolian department. Participants in the camp can listen to lectures on Mongolian literature, culture, Mongolian press language, and comparison of Hungarian and Mongolian grammar. During language seminars, participants can learn about the theory and practice of translating from Mongolian to Hungary. (MTI)