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Momentum Initiates Four-Point Referendum

Fanni Kaszás 2019.05.22.

Opposition party Momentum submitted a referendum initiative of 3+1 points to the National Election Commission on Tuesday afternoon. The initiative includes a total of four questions on stadiums, media propaganda, the Chief Prosecutor and secret-police files.

As Momentum leader András Fekete-Győr explained on his Facebook page, prior to the elections, the National Election Commission was supplemented by delegates from the opposition parties able to collect the 20,000 signatures required to register their candidate lists for the European Parliament election. Momentum used Fidesz’s reduced majority in the Commission to its advantage and initiated a four-point (3+1) referendum:

  • Stadium stop – stadiums with a capacity of more than 3000 shouldn’t be financed by Hungarian taxpayers
  • End the propaganda – no media company should receive government communication orders above 20 percent of the sales income of their previous business year
  • Removal of Péter Polt – automatically end Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt’s nine-year-mandate once it expires
  • Agent files – communist-era secret police files should be released to the public

Fekete-Győr insists the questions submitted to a referendum center “on topics that could undermine the pillars of Orbán’s system.” The opposition party hopes that “as the Election Commission works with more delegates during the [European Parliamentary] election, it will investigate the issues fully.”