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Momentum EP Program: Focus on Younger Generations, EU Integration

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.05.23.

As evidenced by its EP campaign, the Momentum movement is a “young” Hungarian party that represents a new political generation. Aside from being the most heavily focused on younger Hungarians, Momentum is also the most vocally pro-European Hungarian party, along with DK. It wants extensive EU integration, better health care and education and fair wages.

Momentum entered the political scene in 2017, opposing Hungary’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics in Budapest. Activists from the party collected signatures for a referendum on the subject. “NOlimpia” later became a huge success (more than a quarter million signatures were collected) and forced the city administration to drop the issue from the agenda.

While introducing the program, Momentum President András Fekete-Győr emphasized that EU funds should be allocated to hospitals, schools and workplaces. He called this the “Trinity of Momentum.” He is adamant that the EU should spend more money on these three things and believes a better distribution of EU funds is necessary.

For younger generations, the party wants to introduce a more extensive Erasmus program and initiate a cross border education cooperation.

Momentum Initiates Four-Point Referendum

Momentum desires a deeper European integration. To that end, it would like to see the European parties create a common European list. This would enable all European citizens to vote on the lists in the EP elections starting from 2024. The party also wants the president of the European Commission to be elected directly. As part of the European integration and protection policy, it advises the set-up of a regular European army.

For Momentum, emigration is another key political issue. Katalin Cseh, Momentum’s top candidate, thinks Hungary should strive to attract Hungarians back from Western Europe by working to improve its education and healthcare systems and guaranteeing fair wages for workers.

“The EP election’s stake is in whether Hungary will be able to offer its people hope of advancement in the future. How can young people worried about the future succeed without being able to trust it?

EP Elections: With One Week to Go, Here Are the Chances!

Most surveys put the party’s support at around four percent within the total population. This means that sending even one MEP to the European Parliament is unlikely due to the five percent electoral threshold requirement. However, some of the more recent surveys show Momentum gaining one seat.

In the featured photo Momentum top candidate Katalin Cseh. Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI


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