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MOL Bubi Budapest Bike Program Launches Today


The eagerly anticipated MOL Bubi program, the citybike system of Budapest, has launched today after a lengthy and troublesome trial period. The Bubi (short for Budapest bicycle, meaning ‘bubble’ in Hungarian) is sponsored by Hungarian company MOL and was partially financed by the European Union.

The MOL Bubi program has altogether 76 stations spread across Budapest, giving home to 1100 bicycles, all painted to a colorful and easily recognizable vivid green. The bikes will be available all across the city as each station is situated at major transportation hubs, and all of them are within 300-500 meter walking distance to each other.

Tickets can be bought from Monday at MOL Bubi stations or on the Bubi website, while passes can only be purchased at BKK’s information centers. A preliminary registration, however, also speeds up the process of pass purchase.

The program was financed partially by the EU, giving EUR 3 million (900 million HUF) to the MOL Bubi project. The bikes have been tested thoroughly in the past months, and they have all proved to be quite sturdy and stable, a true work-horse design, ready to transport citizens of Budapest even in the most unwelcoming weathers.

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