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Medical Chamber: ‘It Is Time To Say No to Extra Work’

Csenge Schőnviszky 2020.06.19.

The Medical Chamber asks doctors to say “no” to extra work at the expense of their free time.

The Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK), which represents the interests of nearly 48,000 Hungarian doctors, is urging the settlement of doctors’ salaries and the restructuring of the healthcare system.

We ask the doctors to say no to extra work outside their compulsory working hours at the expense of their free time!

Out-of-patience Doctors Show Red Card to Government

The statement noted that in early 2019, the MOK presidency received a mandate from the delegate assembly to organize the termination of voluntary overtime contracts, and whereas the draft budget for 2021 submitted by the government does not include the necessary wages to keep health workers in the field in Hungary, the MOK will begin the collection and deposit of the declarations about the termination of voluntary overtime contracts.

It is voluntary only on its behalf, in fact a coercive solution under employment law in order to provide on-call care, despite the underfunded and increasingly critical shortage of doctors.

Today in Hungary, a novice doctor takes home a net basic hourly wage of HUF 900 (the same pay as fast food workers), and a specialist – a basic net hourly wage of HUF 1,700, which is also lower than the wages of skilled workers for 60-70 hours per week, highlighted Péter Álmos, vice-president of MOK.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI