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Mohács’s Mayor Under Criminal Investigation for ‘Public Endangerment’ after Saying Town Became Hotspot for Coronavirus

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.03.30.

A police investigation has been launched against Ferenc Csorbai, the socialist mayor of Mohács for the threat of public endangerment, news site Pécsi Újság reports.

Csorbai was reported last Thursday after the mayor had uploaded a video on Facebook talking  about a Mohács citizen having been tested positive for coronavirus. According to the mayor, this person met more than a hundred people in the past weeks, thus the town has become a ’Coronavirus hotspot.’ As a result, more cases are expected in the town, and a local quarantine may have to be ordered, he said in the video.

Mohács: Invalid Ballots Outstrip Valid Ones in Protest against Lone Candidate

But the Chief Medical Officer, Cecília Müller, refuted the mayor’s claims at a press conference the following day. She said the infections were evenly distributed throughout the whole country. And if a hotspot were to develop somewhere, the authorities would be the first to know.

The police have ordered an investigation for the threat of public endangerment, which is punishable by imprisonment by up to three years.

The last time Csorbai’s name hit the news was after he won the mayoral seat with far more invalid votes in the ballot box than those in his favor last year. The clear forerunner had passed away in an accident not long before the local election, leaving the socialist candidate without any competition.

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