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Mohács: Invalid Ballots Outstrip Valid Ones in Protest against Lone Candidate

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.10.14.

Socialist mayoral candidate Ferenc Csorbai, who was also the only candidate running for office in Mohács, has won the local election with far more invalid votes in the ballot box than those in his favor.

Fidesz mayor József Szekó, who had been leading Mohács for the past 20 years and was also the clear forerunner of the local election, died in an accident in September. According to the electoral rules, as the municipal elections were already very close, Fidesz could not name a replacement, leaving the socialist candidate without competition.

In this situation, the rules state, a candidate may become the mayor even if they receive only one vote.

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Even most of the local opposition parties had asked Csorbai to step down, but he – in agreement with the local MSZP – refused. He also stated that he would not take the mayor’s office if “too few people” voted for him, but he never revealed how many votes that meant exactly.

Later, even a civil initiative was launched, asking the Mohács citizens to invalidate their votes when voting for the mayor as a token of respect for József Szekó and his work.

It seems that they have agreed with the initiative.

The exact results:

  • Total votes: 5,943
  • Number of invalid ballot papers: 4,076
  • Number of valid ballot papers: 1,867

As of now, there has been no news if Ferenc Csorbai found the number of people voting for him “too few” given the multiple number of those protesting against him with their votes.

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