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Moderna Vaccine to Become Commercially Available in Hungary

Hungary Today 2021.06.08.

Biotechnology company Moderna and pharmaceutical company, Medison Pharma, have announced a new agreement to commercialize the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine across Central Eastern Europe and Israel.

Under the agreement, Medison will have distribution rights in Hungary and 19 other countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, and Israel).

“We appreciate this new partnership with Medison Pharma to ensure successful delivery of our mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to market,” said Corinne Le Goff, Pharm.D., M.B.A., Chief Commercial Officer of Moderna.

“Working together with our partners, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fighting the pandemic by delivering our vaccine to populations globally.”

The Hungarian government had previously ordered rather limited quantities of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine. At the time, the decision was justified on the grounds that Moderna was more expensive than other vaccines. The government later announced that no additional orders of the vaccine would be placed as there are already enough at hand in the country.

'Slowly-delivered' Moderna Vaccines Too Pricey for Hungary?
'Slowly-delivered' Moderna Vaccines Too Pricey for Hungary?

Last week, Telex reported that Hungary could have received more Moderna vaccines from joint EU procurement than the government has committed to. There was no clear answer as to why this is the case, however finally the Coronavirus Press Center told RTL News the reason behind the Orbán government’s decision. Vaccines produced by Moderna are […]Continue reading

Currently, Covid-19 vaccines are only available in national reserves, but with the country’s growing stock of coronavirus vaccines, this will likely change in the future.

Featured photo illustration by Tibor Rosta/MTI