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Modern Cities Programme: PM Pledges HUF 40bn To Érd, Near Budapest

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.03.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has signed a HUF 40bn development agreement during a visit to Érd, a town of 64 000 inhabitants to the southeast of the capital, on Friday.

Officially a town since 1978 and a city with county rights since 2006, Érd and the surrounding area has wittnessed a population explosion in the past decades, which has seen its infrastructure struggling to cope with growing burdens. The town, which spreads out over a large area on the outskirts of Buda and is dominated by family houses, is still in need of completing its sewage and tarmac road network, and its network of public institutions also requires stregthening.

The town was at one point described as Europe’s biggest village and remains known for its shortage of paved roads and other infrastructural problems, such as an incomplete sewage network.

The present agreement, signed by the PM together with the settlement’s Fidesz-KDNP mayor András T. Mészáros, will see the development of a 200-hectare industrial park to be handed over to the town free of charge by the government for 99 years, the construction of a new police station, establishing a court and prosecutor’s office, building a vocational training centre, a new kindergarten, primary and secondary school, a sports complex and extending Érd’s bicycle network over the next five years. The development plan carries a total cost of HUF 40 billion.

The government announced the launching of the Modern Cities programme, aimed to support the development of cities and their environments outside of the capital, in March. During the project, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will visit all of the country’s 23 cities with county rights and sign cooperation agreements with municipal leaders.

The Prime Minister has previously concluded agreements with the towns of Sopron, Miskolc, Zalaegerszeg, Pécs, Debrecen, Székesfehérvár, Szolnok and Nagykanizsa.

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photo: MTI/Tibor Illyés