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Migrant Crisis: Austria Would Deport Thousands Of Migrants Back To Hungary

Tamás Székely 2016.08.22.

More than 7000 migrants could be sent back to Hungary from Austria by the end of this year, conservatice newspaper mno.hu reported. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held talks with his Austrian counterpart Christian Kern in Budapest few weeks ago and the two leaders agreed that those migrants would make a return to Hungary, who entered the European Union first by crossing the border of this country. However, so far only four migrants of those have been accepted by the Hungarian authorities, an official of the Interior Ministry told mno.hu. The Hungarian government insists that it will not take back those asylum-seekers, who had crossed Greece or any other EU member state before they arrived in the Hungary, the newspaper pointed out.

By protecting its own border, Hungary is also guarding Europe’s external border and thereby “doing everything” to safeguard the people of Europe, the Hungarian prime minister’s chief security advisor told public radio on Sunday. György Bakondi told Kossuth Radio that the importance of border controls and the upcoming referendum on European Union mandatory migrant quotas cannot be measured by the number of migrants currently in the country. The chief consideration is that EU rules must be obeyed, he said. From the start of the migrant crisis Hungary was on the receiving end of many attacks due to the measures it put in place, he said.

At the same time, the situation has changed in the meantime: every European government has sensed the change of mood among their citizens and has since taken a defensive stance, he insisted. It is not only the Visegrad Group that has had enough of uncontrolled migration in European territory, but lots of other countries think similarly, he said, adding that bolstering domestic security is a must. György Bakondi also said the outcome of Hungary’s stricter measures are that border crossings have dwindled from several thousand a day last spring to an average of around one hundred today, he said.

via mno.hu and hungarymatters.hu; cover photo: Migrants march towards Austria on Hungary’s M1 motorway in September 2015 – Zsolt Szigetváry (MTI)