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MNB Governor Matolcsy: Hungarian Economy Policy Like Rubik’s Cube

Hungary Today 2020.01.28.

Hungarian Central Bank (MNB) governor György Matolcsy compares Hungarian economy policy to the world famous Rubik‘s Cube. In an opinion piece published on economic blog novekedes.hu (növekedés means growth), he claims that “both are Hungarian, ingenious, and successful.”

In Matolcsy’s view, the Rubik’s Cube conquered the world because it reflects the way modern life, technology, politics, money, and sports work. Likewise to the Hungarian economic policy, he argues, the Hungarian model and Hungarians, it has all the contrast within: play and learning, simple and complex, individual and community.

He claims that the Hungarian economic policy, similarly to the Cube, is also made up of six basic colors, that are mixable, flexible, as the proportions can be changed from moment to moment, and the combination of old and new ideas is almost infinite. Thus the Hungarian economic model is…

  1. roughly market-based as it’s based on work and not on social network/subsidies…
  2. state capitalist, as it doesn’t believe in a self-regulating market…
  3. national, as it prefers Hungarian over foreign, and competition above monopoly. All this, while supporting the small and weak ones over the mighty and big ones…
  4. global as it builds on global capital, innovation and others’ successful models…
  5. decisive and pragmatic as it dares to set big goals for the country and make brave decisions to achieve this, while leaving behind old manuals and failed recipes…
  6. thinking about long-term sustainability, that includes diversity, the diverse use of a diverse workforce and being green, because this is how the environment, Earth etc. can be preserved for the future…

Ernő Rubik: The Cube Represents Man as a Thinking Being

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