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Mitiszol: Qaulity Drink Festival this Weekend

admin 2014.11.06.

Mitiszol (“me-tea-sol”, meaning “what do you drink?”) is the country’s first drink festival themed around beverages made with the same philosophy: respecting nature (in many cases organic or even biodynamic farming), no additives, as little intervention and manipulation as possible during the making. The result is a drink, let it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, that not only tastes better, but is also healthier than its conventional counterparts.

The festival will showcase a colorful selection of wine, as well as beer, pálinka, fruit juice, syrups, herbal teas, and natural fresh water. Beyond beverages, visitors will have the chance to taste fine chocolates, artisanal cheese, and real bread. Please find the list of exhibitors here.

After the walk-around tasting (1-7pm), visitors can choose to stay and attend the concert of Odett or Szabó Balázs Band, while the bars of Akvárium Klub will keep serving a wide selection of natural beverages, including wine, beer, pálinka, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Visitors can also buy some of the wines or other drinks you tasted at the festival, we highly recommend TERMINAL MARKET, a boutique wine store just around the corner, in the recently refreshed building of Terminal at Erzsébet square. Mitiszol Fesztivál will take place at Akvárium Klub, one of the most popular venue in the heart of the city of Budapest. Please see map and address here.

Tickets on the day of the festival at Akvárium Klub:

  • Basic (20 tasting tickets): 5.900 HUF (19 EUR)
  • Unlimited (unlimited tasting): 8.900 HUF (28.5 EUR)
  • + Odett concert (optional): 2.000 HUF (6.4 EUR)
  • + Szabó Balázs Band concert (optional): 2.700 HUF (8.6 EUR)

Advanced tickets also available at a discount price here.

via mitiszol.hu

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