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“Miracle” Hungarian Thoroughbred Overdose Dies

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.02.

The world-famous Hungarian “miracle horse” Overdose died on 1 July at 5:45 pm following a long battle with colic at a breeding establishment in Germany, according to press reports. The horse will be buried at Alag, near Budapest, the website Pannoniaoverdose.hu writes.

Overdose was born in April 2005 and won its first race with eighteen lengths in June 2007. The horse ran four more that times that year and won all with almost the same advantage over its challengers, setting a number of race and track records and leading world-rankings among two-year-old horses. On one occasion, the “miracle” stallion won twelve races in a row.

Overdose had its best year in 2008, rising to third place on world rankings, but even then, an illness prevented it from living up to its true form. After being retired as a race horse, Overdose was taken to Germany as a breeding stallion. At one point, the horse’s value was estimated at HUF 1.5 billion.

via index.hu
photo: index.hu/Szabolcs Barakonyi