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Minimum Wage Could Increase by up to 10% Next Year

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.11.15.

The government would support an even faster than agreed minimum wage increase by next year, Finance Minister Mihály Varga said in a press conference on Thursday.

Today the gross wage is 149,000 HUF (EUR 445)  – next year this would rise to 161,000, an 8% increase.

Hungarian Minimum Wage Still among the Lowest in EU

If the workers and employers were to agree on a 10% increase by the end of the year, the government would also find it acceptable, said Mihály Varga, answering economic news site’s question.

The minimum wage for skilled workers today is 195,000 HUF (EUR 582), and the six-year salary tripartite agreement between the government, employees, and employers claims that this will be 210,600 HUF (EUR 629) next year. However, if the increase were 10%, the minimum gross wage of skilled workers could be 214,500 forints (EUR 641).

Consultations between the interested parties will begin within days.

Featured photo by Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI