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Minibrake: a Hungarian Invention on the Global Market

Tom Szigeti 2017.04.07.

It’s ever parent’s nightmare that, while riding a bike, their child might get into an accident because he or she couldn’t stop at the right moment. Well, a Hungarian start-up company believes it has found the solution to this problem with their new invention, MiniBrake.

The MiniBrake is an innovative, remote-controlled bicycle brake, which grants parents control over their child’s bike. With this Hungarian invention, parents can safely bring their child to a stop from as far as 50 meters away.

You can view the MiniBrake in action below:

In 2013, three college students, Dániel Bognár, Péter Szesztay, and Marcell Szirtes founded a company with the goal of producing a product that would reach an international market. In 2014, the Prosperitas Proseed Collective Seed Venture Capital Firm, currently run by GB & Partners, saw promise in the idea of MiniBrake. With the assistance of GB & P, which handles a fund worth 81 million euros in total, MiniBrake has become a reality, and will be for sale on the international market by 2018.

An Irish company that produces children’s sports gear, Yvolve Sports, likewise saw the potential in this Hungarian invention. After lengthy discussion, the two companies signed a contract, under which the Irish firm will market and sell the MiniBrake within its own sales network, while working in conjunction with MiniBrake’s founders. Yvolve is one of the biggest players in the children’s sports gear industry; headquartered in Dublin, it has offices in New York and Hong Kong, and is active in 40 countries worldwide.

Discussing the events that have led to these successes, MiniBrake co-founder Marcell Szirtes said that

Our contract is the result of many years of hard work, which have helped us reach our stated goal: now, MiniBrake will be available all over the world. It’s great that the product of a Hungarian start-up will appear on the world market, and it’s also incredible that, together with our global partners, we can further develop our product, and by doing so ensure safe biking for even more children. We are not stopping here, however; in fact, we’re already working on new ideas.

Image via Indiegogo

Video via MiniBrake YouTube Channel

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