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Miklós Cseri Appointed Deputy Secretary of State for Culture


Dr. Miklócs Cseri was appointed Deputy Secretary of State for Culture at the Ministry of Human Resources, reported news agency MTI. The new secretary of state named his main priorities, including policy preparation and background work, and oversight of cultural institutions.

Secretary of state, Péter Hoppál, is mostly tied down with culture politics, said Cseri, while his work will be policy preparation and management of the several departments. Before his appointment Cseri worked at the Szentendre Open-air Ethnographic Museum. Miklós Cseri was born in 1957 in Miskolc, acquired his phd in 1995 and has been working for cultural institutions since 1987.

The deputy secretary of state for culture will manage project and institutions like Liget Budapest, House of Traditions and National Institute of Culture, while institutions like the Operetta Theatre, Pesti Magyar Theater, National Theater and MüPa will remain under the supervision of the secretary of state.

Cseri in an interview for MTI said, in the past few years the ministry mostly worked on the reorganization of institutions outside of Budapest, now the problem of nationwide institutions has to be solved as well. According to Cseri, some reevaluation of the performing arts law is also needed, and the question of the National Dance Theater has to be solved. (MTI)

MTI photo Attila Kovács