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Migration Crisis Has No Impact Yet On Party Preferences In Hungary, Latest Polls Show

By Tamás Székely // 2015.09.10.

Support for the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance and the opposition parties remained practically unchanged in August, surveys conducted both by the Nézőpont Institute and Századvég show.

Among all voters, Fidesz-KDNP was backed by 29%, up one point from July, Nézőpont said in its report. Radical nationalist Jobbik stood at 15%, up two points, whereas the Socialists and the Democratic Coalition stood unchanged, at 9% and 6%, respectively. Small green LMP added one point to 5% while the Egyutt party lost one point to stand at 1%, the poll showed. Among decided voters, the ruling parties had 40%, Jobbik 26%, the Socialists 10%, DK 13%, LMP 7%, Együtt 2% and Dialogue for Hungary (PM) 2% last month. The proportion of undecided voters was 34%, down only one point from July, the poll said.



Ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance slightly increased its voter support, maintaining stable lead over the opposition in August as radical nationalist Jobbik has remained the strongest opposition force, think tank Századvég told news agency MTI. According to the pollster, among all voters, support for ruling Fidesz stood at 31%. Jobbik was backed by 15%, the Socialists by 8% , the left-wing Democratic Coalition (DK) by 6%, green LMP by 5%  and Együtt (Together) by 2% . Among decided voters, Fidesz’s support stood at 42%, followed by Jobbik with 26%, the Socialists with 16% , DK with 8%, LMP with 5% and Együtt with 2%.

via MTI, and photo: István Fazekas –