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Migrants Try to Break Through Border Fence at Röszke

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.28.

Around 60 migrants early on Tuesday made an attempt to break through the southern border fence at Röszke, on the Serbia-Hungary border, according to the public television.

Current affairs channel M1 reported that a small number of migrants managed to cross the border.

Police stopped all vehicles at checkpoints when it became apparent that migrants had spread out in all directions, M1’s correspondent said.

The police said on their website that an armed guard on duty fired several warning shots before patrols arrived at the scene.

Photo by Edvárd Molnár/MTI

It added that the illegal attempt to cross the border took place at around 5.30am.

Several members of the group who entered Hungary were arrested while police prevented others from getting through, the statement said.

Csongrád County Police Headquarters told MTI that 60 people stormed the border en-masse and a border guard fired three warning shots. Four arrests were made and the area was closed down, the spokesperson said. Whereas the road border crossing was not operating, traffic on the motorway border crossing was unaffected.

featured photo by Edvárd Molnár/MTI

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