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Over 100 Migrants Detained at Serb-Hungarian Border Over the Past Week


Over the course of the past four days, authorities have detained 123 migrants attempting to cross the border from Serbia into Hungary, according to statements released by the Hungarian police.

Earlier today, at around 3 in the morning, police detained 40 migrants at the southern Hungarian town of Mórahalom. Members of the group, all of whom were men, said that they were Pakistani and Afghan citizens. They didn’t have passports or any form of identification, and were subsequently escorted back to the Serbian border.

A similar incident played out on the afternoon of the 29th, when 23 migrants were apprehended by police near the Hungarian village of Ásotthalom (which achieved international notoriety due to the videos and anti-Muslim policies of its mayor). These migrants, who were also all men, told police that they were from Pakistan; they, too, were taken back to the border.

And in the early hours of Saturday, May 27th, a group of 60 people were stopped by police while trying to cross into Hungary. They were subsequently taken back across the border to Serbia.


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