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Migrant Crisis: Hungary To Implement 8 KM “Deep Border” Controls Along Border With Serbia And Croatia

Tamás Székely 2016.07.05.

Hungary is implementing “deep border” controls along the border with Serbia and Croatia so migrants stopped within 8 kilometres from the border will be escorted back to the nearest transit zone, the prime minister’s internal security advisor said. This involves ensuring that migrants cross back over the border before entering Hungary through official channels. The measure approved by parliament will enter force on Tuesday. Border controls will be enhanced simultaneously, György Bakondi said.

So far this year Hungarian police apprehended 17,351 migrants for crossing the border illegally and 330 are being held in temporary detention. Only 13 of these migrants were stopped near the border with Croatia, suggesting that illegal border crossing activity along the Serbian border is much higher, he said. Fully 4,942 procedures have been started since last September in cases when it was possible to prove that the border fence was damaged, Bakondi said. Some 1,176 people were taken to court for human smuggling last year and 163 this year, he added. Over 177,000 asylum requests were submitted last year and 22,000 this year but only 264 were approved.

In response to a question, Bakondi said it was justified to maintain the third-degree terror alert, given that security measures have not been reduced throughout Europe and there is still a state of emergency in force in France. A number of terror attacks have been committed, most recently in Turkey, he noted. He also confirmed reports about a brawl last week between Afghan and Pakistani youths at a facility in Fót, near Budapest, that gives shelter to young migrants. Three people suffered light injuries and police have filed charges against them for disturbing the peace, Bakondi said.

via hungarymatters.hu and MTI