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Mi Hazánk Calls on Gov’t to Reject Authority of Strasbourg Court

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.27.

The opposition far-right Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) party on Monday called on the government to reject the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights in the country and “regain its self-determination”.

At a press conference in Budapest, the party’s deputy head, Előd Novák, called it “unacceptable” that a “foreign” court issued rulings on human rights issues in Hungary.

Referring to recent debates on damages payable to prison inmates, Novák said Hungarian prison conditions were “unacceptable” only insofar as that they were “unacceptably good for criminals”.

Novák underscored the party’s proposal to send criminals from Hungary to Siberia, saying Hungary’s current “wellness prisons” were not a deterrent enough against criminals and “criminal politicians”.

In the featured photo (on the left): Előd Novák. Photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI