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Mi Hazánk Would Restrict Facebook’s ‘Political Censorship’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.08.

Deputies representing the extra-parliamentary Mi Hazánk party will submit a proposal to restrict “harsh political censorship” exercised by Facebook, party leader László Toroczkai told MTI in a video on Friday.

Toroczkai insisted that Facebook poses a “national security risk” in terms of its attempts to influence Hungary’s politics through a “dictatorial censorship” of opinion, which he said impacts his party “most heavily”.

Párbeszéd Calls on Gov't to Drop 'Attempts to Restrict Facebook'
Párbeszéd Calls on Gov't to Drop 'Attempts to Restrict Facebook'

Opposition Párbeszéd has proposed a parliamentary decree under which the government would be obliged to give up its “attempts to restrict Facebook”, Párbeszéd deputy group leader Bence Tordai told a press conference on Thursday. Tordai suggested that Facebook should operate under rules by the European Union rather than governed by member states. He said that […]Continue reading

Toroczkai said Hungarian nationals had no access to legal remedy in case of any harm through using Facebook, therefore Mi Hazánk suggests that Facebook should have a Hungarian representative, residing in Hungary, and Hungarian users’ data should be stored on Hungarian servers.

Politicians, as well as government, police and disaster management officials communicating through Facebook constitute a huge national security risk because “anyone at any time could abuse the information stored on servers abroad, owned by a private company”, Toroczkai said.

According to Mi Hazánk’s proposal, Facebook should remove any contested content under a Hungarian court ruling.

Featured photo by János Vajda/MTI