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Mi Hazánk: ‘Neither Gyurcsány, nor Orbán’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.01.08.

Rightish Jobbik splinter far-right group Mi Hazánk “offers an alternative to the left-liberal block led by Ferenc Gyurcsány and [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz which renders Hungarians exploitable by international companies”, Dóra Dúró, the group’s parliamentary leader, told a press conference on Tuesday.

Dúró criticised the recent “slave law” as “anti-family” legislation, but said that Mi Hazánk distances itself from the “left-liberal block” including such parties as the Democratic Coalition or her former Jobbik. Mi Hazánk aims to “create an opposition free of Gyurcsány”, she insisted.

Dúró argued that the former, leftist governments had favoured international companies and banks “even more” and said that the leftist opposition’s protests for employees lacked credibility.