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Mi Hazánk Calls for Legislators to Act against Facebook

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.23.

Far-right Mi Hazánk is calling on legislators to take action against Facebook “censorship” and “the monopoly on opinion by left-liberals”, the party’s campaign chief said on Thursday.

Előd Novák said it was “unacceptable” that Facebook had taken down party leader László Toroczkai’s page and regularly deleted entries by Mi Hazánk and its supporters.

Mi Hazánk’s EP Program: ‘Roma Problem’, Opposing Migration, Russia-Friendly Politics

The party also called on the competition office to start a procedure against Facebook due to its monopoly on social media, he added.

Novak said that in the run-up to the EP elections, Facebook was trying to thwart the party’s mobilisation efforts. He called on supporters to continue distributing information and remain active on Facebook.

Far-Right Demo in Törökszentmiklós: Heavy Police Presence and Tension Without Violence

Toroczkai recently offered to relinquish his immunity as a European Parliament (EP) election campaign candidate after police in Törökszentmikloó, in central Hungary, charged him for abusing the right to assembly. He said police had launched proceedings against him for, as he phrased it, helping to “put a Gypsy criminal behind bars”.

In the featured photo (on the left): Előd Novák. Photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI