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The far-right Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) party held its first congress with some 180 participants in southern Hungarian Ásotthalom on Saturday.

In his address, party leader László Toroczkai, the mayor of Ásotthalom, said the people “have lost their faith” and have to see that Mi Hazánk party members are present everywhere and work as a movement to oppose “all those posing a danger to the Hungarian people, be it migrants or gypsy criminals”.

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If Hungarians know they can rely on the movement, Toroczkai said, then it is “doomed to succeed”.

Toroczkai said the 2022 elections will either see another Orbán government or, “even worse”, a left-liberal one, which is based on the principle “to destroy everything that is tradition and important for Hungarians”.

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Mi Hazánk has an enormous responsibility, Toroczkai said. If members “give up now and stand aside”, a new “Gyurcsány government” will rise to power in 2022, with (nationalist) Jobbik delivering the “votes of the radical masses”, he said. The party has to persevere to represent the “nationalist side” should Fidesz, “which now still rakes in votes with migration and the fence in Ásotthalom (on the Serbian-Hungarian border),” lose its support.

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Dóra Dúró, the party’s deputy leader who sits in parliament as an independent MP, said that in less than a year after it was formed, Mi Hazánk has become one of the most credible voices in Hungarian politics. It has had better results at the European parliamentary elections than “some parties with groups in parliament”, she said.

The party’s only standard is the good of the nation, Dúró said. That will determine their action “in the face of leftist demagoguery and Fidesz hypocrisy alike”, she said.

The party would never cooperate with (leftist) Democratic Coalition or the Socialists, “or any of their vassals”, she said.

In the featured photo: Mi Hazánk leader László Toroczkai. Photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

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