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Mi Hazánk Files Complaint over Alleged Transportation of Voters

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.26.

The non-parliamentary Mi Hazánk movement has filed complaints to several local election committees of the European parliamentary election over reports of “large, organised groups of illiterate Gypsies” being taken to the polls by buses “across the country”, the campaign chief of the radical nationalist party told a press conference on Sunday.

Előd Novák said that organised transportation of voters was “typical” in the area of Miskolc, in the north, and added that a photo of a suspicious bus had been sent to the local election committee as evidence.

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Novák said it was “unacceptable that votes purchased from illiterate people could decide the election” and added that the alleged election fraud was “a peculiar mixture of Gypsy and political crime”.

It is not acceptable that “the vote of an illiterate person should be worth as much as that of a well-informed, responsible citizen”, Novák said, and noted his party’s proposal to tie voting rights to literacy and primary education.

In the featured photo (on the left): Előd Novák. Photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI