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Mi Hazánk Demands Ban on Pride March

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.06.26.

The far-right Mi Hazánk party has called on the interior minister and the police to ban this year’s Budapest Pride march set for July 6.

Mi Hazánk leader László Toroczkai said his party would stage counterdemonstrations “for public morals” if the march goes ahead as planned.

Toroczkai said the police applied double standards and argued that they had banned a march Mi Hazánk planned earlier for Törökszentmiklós, in eastern Hungary, “against gypsy criminals”, saying that it would restrict the free movement of residents. He went on to say that “the thousands of deviants planning to stage a provocation” would hinder the movement of much more residents in Budapest.

Far-Right Demo in Törökszentmiklós: Heavy Police Presence and Tension Without Violence

Toroczkai insisted that participants in the Pride march would “demonstrate against families and traditional values rather than for homosexual rights”. He added that the march would be a “provocation” against the Christian church and “desecration” of national symbols.

Featured photo by Márton Mónus/MTI