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Metro Line 3 Refurbishment Plans Proceed

admin 2014.08.12.

The preparatory work on the refurbishment of Metro Line 3 is to begin immediately after Főmterv won the tender set by BKK (Budapest Transport Authority, Budapesti Közlkededési Központ), reported daily Magyar Nemzet. According to insider sources Főmterv is to begin the complete engineering evaluation of the metro line.

Ágnes Kunhalmi, head of the Budapest Socialist chapter, welcomed the developments, claiming that ruling Fidesz party has finally “given in” to the will of the residents of Budapest. While Kunhalmi welcomed the refurbishment plans, she also voiced her concerns regarding the delays. LMP’s Budapest mayor candidate Antal Csárdi said he would submit an official request to obtain a copy of the plans for the metro 3 upgrade, to get a better understanding of its constantly increasing budget.


A previous preparation agreement for the refurbishment of the Metro line stated that construction could begin as early as 2017, although transportation association For the Metro (Metróért Egyesület) warn that any delay could pose serious security issues. The proposal back than also stated that the reconstruction cannot be postponed further and should be started immediately in the 2014-2020 budget cycle.

Work began on Metro Line 3 in 1970, with its 20 stops it is currently the longest and most busiest line in Budapest. The reconstruction of the rundown stations and the replacement of the old soviet metro cars has been an ongoing issue in the past several years as constant mechanical failures stand as stern reminders of the questionable state of the line.

via magyar nemzet, MTI, photo: Barna Rovács