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Mesut Özil also Supports SMA Baby Zsombor’s Treatment Fundraising

Hungary Today 2020.12.01.

Just like goalkeeper Péter Gulácsi, another well-known football player, German-Turkish superstar Mesut Özil stepped up and made a statement calling on people to support Hungarian SMA baby Zsombor’s expensive treatment.

Zsombor is a 1-year-old child who has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA1), a rare genetic disease. The medication needed for his treatment, called Zolgensma, is one of the most expensive treatments in the world, costing as much as 730 million forints (EUR 2 million).

Family Tries to Raise HUF 730 Million for 10-month old Zsombi's SMA Treatment
Family Tries to Raise HUF 730 Million for 10-month old Zsombi's SMA Treatment

Zsombi is only 10-months old but his life has been a constant fight for survival since he was born. He was recently diagnosed with SMA, a rare genetic disease. The treatment costs HUF 730 million (EUR 2,025,431). The family has already raised 48 million, but now it is a race against time as the treatment […]Continue reading

“We all know that making the world a better place is not a one-man-show. Let’s start by helping this little boy. Every donation counts!” Özil commented on his Instagram channel while sharing Zsombor’s photo. The Arsenal FC midfielder is long known for his philanthropic activities, but also for his divisive political statements that often cause headaches for him and for his squads alike. However, this is truly a case that should unite people.


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Last week it was RB Leipzig and Hungarian national goalkeeper Péter Gulácsi who offered HUF 25 million (EUR 69,000) and a kit for Zsombor.

Parents say their public donation campaign (you can reach the website by clicking here) has so far collected 40% of the amount needed to start the treatment.

featured photo by MTI/EPA/Andy Rain