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In Memoriam Tamás Somló – The Singer Of Iconic Hungarian Band LGT Died

Robert Velkey 2016.07.22.

After a long period of illness the 68 years old singer, composer Tamás Somló died. His greatest success was the LGT bad, but he was the member of the iconic Hungarian rock band Omega and he had solo records also. He used to be an artist and music-clown as he played on bass guitar, saxophone and harmonica. He composed many film’s soundtracks. Few people knows that he graduated on the faculty of law at the Eötvös Loránd University.


Tamás Somló was born on the 17th of November 1947 in Budapest. As a child he studied to play on the viola, later he studied at the Institute Of Artists. His life was full of music and art, as an artist he became the member of the Luxor Art Company but he was a pantomime, dance and juggler too. This time he founded Atlas and he was the musician of the first beat and rock formations of Hungary such as the Kex, the Non-Stop and the Omega. According to a legend he learned to play on the saxophone for the Omega but primarily he was the singer in the band. Have a look at the young singer here:

The real success was LGT in 1973. He played the saxophone and the bass in the iconic Hungarian band. He also wrote songs for the formation and he did it with great success just to mention some of the most popular songs of LGT that he wrote:

Ő még csak most 14

Neked írom a dalt

Although last time in November 2015 he said he has overcame his illness but this May he had to visit the hospital. However he was in a so bad condition the doctors could not do anything for him so they send him home. This Tuesday, on the 19 of July the iconic Hungarian musician died after his long struggle with his colon cancer.

via: index.hu; 24.hu

photos: index.hu