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The Memento Of The Execution And Reburial Of Imre Nagy

Robert Velkey 2016.06.17.

Imre Nagy became the symbol of national unity even when his name could not be spoken said László Trócsányi Justice Minister on the 16th of June at a state commemoration of the symbolic president. The Justice Minister attended a memento of Imre Nagy, Hungary’s martyred prime minister, and other victims of communist retaliation after the 1956 revolt, in Budapest.


Nagy, executed in 1958 and reburied on June 16, 1989, “had not appealed for parole and he refused any opportunity to collaborate with forces oppressing the freedom of the Hungarian people,” the minister said.

You can read more about the iconic prime minister of the 1950s here:

The memento was attended by representatives such as former prime minister Péter Medgyessy, deputy house speaker István Hiller of the state and other civil groups. Marking the anniversary on Facebook, Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány called on “democrats” to “join forces against autocracy”. Referring to the day Nagy was reburied, Gyurcsány said, “The future, at last, seemed beautiful”.

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Referring to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, he said, “He who demanded Soviet troops pull out of Hungary is now working to restore the reach of the Russian president … and is ready to leave the European community”.

Via: hungarymatters.hu

Photos: mno.hu; kormany.hu; Balázs Székelyhidi / Magyar Nemzet

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