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Members of Ethnic Bulgarian Minority Take Hungarian Citizenship

Hungary Today 2018.07.02.

Thirty-two ethnic Bulgarians took their oaths of Hungarian citizenship at the headquarters of the Association of Ethnic Bulgarians in Hungary on Sunday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Zsolt Semjén, the deputy prime minister, said “as much as it is natural for ethnic Hungarians living beyond Hungary’s border to receive Hungarian citizenship, it is equally clear that members of ethnic minorities living in Hungary can become Hungarian citizens”. Semjén said he had been approached by Szimeon Varga, advocate of the Bulgarian ethnic minority, concerning the Hungarian citizenship of ethnic Bulgarians, some of whom had been living in Hungary for decades or were already born here. The applications were approved by President János Áder.

There are around 6,000 ethnic Bulgarians living in Hungary, according to data from the latest census.

Image: Bruzák Noémi/ MTI



featured image: Bruzák Noémi/ MTI