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Meet The Champions! Wall Of Medal Winner Hungarian Olympic Athletes Of Rio 2016

Robert Velkey 2016.08.22.


The Olympic Games are finished for the Hungarian delegation as the last Hungarian athlete had his competition in Rio on the 21th of August. However, Hungary rocked the Olympics again. This time the Hungarian athletes collected 8 gold out of the total 15 captured medals in Rio. Thanks for their amazing results Hungary is the 12th on the medal table of the Olympic Games. Let’s meet the Hungarian Champions and their achievements! 


“Shine Like Gold”

Meet the gold bagger Hungarian athletes of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

The medal-picking started with the fencing results of Emese Szász on the 6th of August.



Katinka Hosszú, the Iron Lady is one of the most successful top medalist athlete of the Olympic Games of 2016 with her 3 golds and 1 silver medals. She made her 3 golds in 3 days from the 6th to 9th of August.



Áron Szilágyi defended his Olympic fencing title when he won the 5th gold medal for Hungary on the 10th of August.


Fun fact: this time, on the 10th of August Hungary was “on the podium of medals”!


Hungarians shined like gold on the water too, on the 16th of August Danuta Kozák and Gabriella Szabó won the gold in Canoe sprint.



Danuta Kozák did not stop here, she became the champion in the Women’s kayak singe 500m too on the 18th of August.



The Women’s kayak four Gabriella Szabó, Danuta Kozák, Tamara Csipes and Fazekas-Zur Krisztina also reached the finish line as the first on the 20th of August in Women’s kayak four 500m.



“The Silver Lining”

The list of the silver medal winner Hungarian athletes

Imre Géza is the senior in the Hungarian Olympic delegation with his age of 41 years. The senior fencer win the silver in Men’s individual épée on the 9th of August.



On the 12th of August Katinka Hosszú bagged a silver in Women’s 200m backstroke and László Cseh made his silver medal in Men’s 100m butterfly.




“On the Podium”

“The Hungarians who stepped up to the podium with a bronze medal of the Olympic Games in 2016”


Tamás Kenderesi surprised the world in the qualifying round and in the semifinal of the 200 m butterfly stroke when he overtook Phelps. In the final of 200m butterfly the 19-year-old Tamás won the bronze on the 9th of August.



Anita Márton at the athlete’s field, and Boglárka Kapás in the pool bagged the medals. On the 12th of August Hungary captured two bronze medals too.

Rio de Janeiro, 2016. augusztus 14. A bronzérmes Márton Anita a riói nyári olimpia nõi súlylökés versenyszámának eredményhirdetésén a Rio de Janeiró-i Olimpiai Stadionban 2016. augusztus 13-án. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt



On the 14th of August the Hungarian team of fencers won the bronze in Men’s team épée.



Thank you very much Hungarian delegation!



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