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Warm And Cold – Army and Police: Circumstances On The Borders

Robert Velkey 2016.03.31.

The government of Hungary has published a video about the strength and preparedness of the army forces on the borders of the country.

Speaking at the beginning of the clip, a soldier explains that illegal border crossings have happened on several occasions recently, with migrants cutting through the fence erected on the country’s southern frontier. Tibor Benkő, the Hungarian army’s chief of general staff said that 6000 soldiers are ready to be mobilised if necessary. Here, you can watch the video entitled “Hungary will continue to protect its borders by all means”:

Magyarország továbbra is minden eszközzel megvédi a határokatMagyarország továbbra is minden eszközzel megvédi a határokat.

Közzétette: Magyarország Kormánya – 2016. március 30.


The army might be well equipped and prepared, but the policeman in service at the borders could not take a sightseeing flight with an AH-64 Apache, news website index.hu reports. The police in charge do not have the necessary equipment on the border although the fence has been erected almost half a year ago. This shelter has not been built by the migrants, the police had to set up covers like this.


Near the settlement of Ásotthalom, the conditions of patrolling got better in the last few days; shelter tents, and mobile restrooms were installed. Tiredness can be the worst. “They have to travel 3 hours on trucks to reach the place of work.” a policeman’s wife wrote to her mother. So some of them can only take a 4-5-hour rest and sleep between the 12 or sometimes 14-16 hour long services – that’s if its possible to call 150 people sleeping head-to-toe in a gymnastics hall “rest” at all.


Evidently, the two authorities do not have identical means and equipment at their disposal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the police patrols can be taken back in the near future. Maybe they should have a training of the methods to build a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch.


via: origo.hu; index.hu

photo&video: origo.hu; index.hu

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