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Meanwhile in Nagykanizsa: Unexpected Customer On The Sunday Shops Reopened

Robert Velkey 2016.04.18.

Supermarkets and shops are now allowed to be open on Sunday again, thanks to the Hungarian government’s decision to scrap the ban on Sunday retail activity a year after the restrictive legislation entered into force.

However, not only Hungarian society welcomed the opportunity of shopping on Sunday again. A Tesco store in a town in southwestern Hungary received an unexpected guest on the first Sunday shops threw their doors open to customers – a zebra.

“Fine, finally I can go to shopping today” – perhaps this was what the striped customer thought on his day out in Nagykanizsa, Hungary.


What do you think; for what consideration did the strange costumer stop at the door? Pick your answer below the Facebook post of the article.

  • a, Mhh, what if the Aldi is cheaper next door?
  • b, Damn it, I left my shopping basket at home!
  • c, Let me see, where is the oatmeal…
  • d, Finally, I can go to shopping on Sunday again.
  • e, It’s time to change my highlighted hair style, where can I find a hair dye?

To tell the truth, the zebra escaped from the circus not far from the supermarket… But no one knows why it targeted the Tesco insted of the field.

…perhaps the shopper zebra also learned something important from its story.