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McCain’s Statement ‘Extreme Provocation’, Orbán Says

szilagyi.sandor 2014.12.05.

In an interview broadcast on the public radio station Kossuth Rádió on Friday morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán branded Republican senator John McCain’s statements “an act of provocation”, adding that “Hungary is under attack”. Mr. Orbán also spoke of his agreement with Ildikó Vida, the head of the country’s tax authority who is at the centre of the ban affair, to take legal action against the claims made by US charge d’affaires André Goodfriend. Commenting on the cancellation of the Southern Stream gas pipeline, Mr. Orbán said “we must accept it”. The Prime Minister also spoke of his personal support for the proposal on keeping shops closed on Sundays.

“John McCain’s sentence is a typical situation which is labels the person who uttered it”, Viktor Orbán said in his regular Friday morning radio interview, adding that he “need not bother with any extreme manifestations” and provocations that drain away energy. When asked for his opinion on Senator McCain’s sentences, he said that “Hungary’s independence is under threat here”. “The country’s independence in terms of energy, finances and trade relations is unappealing to those who profited from Hungary’s dependence prior to 2010”, he added.

Tax authority chief to take legal action against Goodfriend

Mr. Orbán also spoke of his conversation with Ildikó Vida, head of the country’s Tax and Customs Administration who is at the centre of the ban affair, on Thursday, during which they concluded that steps have to be made to legally challenge André Goodfriend’s “unclear and suspicious babbling”. The US charge d’affaires has claimed in an interview earlier this week that Ms. Vida has been banned from entering the United States because of her alleged involvement in a specific criminal enterprise.

Cancellation of the Southern Stream gas pipeline

In this question, our interest is for a pipeline to exist which transports gas to Hungary without running through Ukraine, saying that the country has no other choice but to concede to the decision. Following the cancellation of both the Nabucco and the Southern Stream pipeline, “we have to work on a third solution, which is made easier by our agreement with Azerbaijan”, he said, adding that Hungary’s interest is to have the highest possible number of options competing in this field.

State takeover of Budapest Bank

Responding to a question, he explained that taxpayers will profit from the nationalisation of Budapest Bank and claimed that “lending was non-existent because the banks took the money back home”. He added that not state ownership but keeping the bank in the Hungarian sphere of interest is important, alluding to the possible merger of Budapest Bank with another institution. Information published in the press on Thursday suggested that Budapest Bank could possibly be merged with MKB, a bank taken over by the state earlier.

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photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

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