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Maybeshewill in Dürer Kert

admin 2014.10.27.

British post-industrial rock band will perform on the stage of Dürer Kert on Tuesday. Maybeshewill are on tour with their fourth studio album Fair Youth released this summer. Hungarian fans rejoice as they’ll be stopping in Budapest to perform at Dürer Kert!

Maybeshewill is James Collins, Matthew Daly, John Helps, Robin Southby and Jamie Ward. Based in Leicester, UK, they have always aspired to be as self-sufficient as possible, sticking to a steadfastly DIY ethos and self recording all their material to date. They’ve worked tirelessly over the course of three full-length albums and countless tours to build a loyal and enthusiastic following across most of the globe.

Tickets available at Dürer Kert!

via maybeshewill.com